on Artemisia..

Artemisia was a local tyrant of Halikarnassos in the early 5th century BC. She fought together with Xerxes the Great at the naval battle of Salamis in 480 BC - and she was renowned by the Achaemenid Great King as a wise and courageous woman. Most probably she was neither nice nor kind. But she fascinates me...

Transformations and the force of habit

Some years ago, I wrote a quite large article on Style and Context. It was the most fun I've ever done in my professional life as a desk archaeologist.

Now, I for some time I've thought on writing something on transformations and the force of habit. On transmissions of traditions, on the force of rituals and on the human reluctance to change... This, of course, could be in the form of another academic article with all its attire. But perhaps it is time to try to write something of this kind a little more 'out of the box'?

If only to sort of appreciate the subject, forcing myself to write on the force of habit while stepping out of the secure academic frame... And then, it may be more fun!  

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